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As of this moment, discussion forums are up and running -- similar to the discussion boards on Facebook. You can post a topic, comment on a topic, and so forth. Rules for the discussion forums:

> The forums are divided into four general areas. You can set up as many topics as you like within each area. Please try to comment on a subject within the area that makes sense. Otherwise people won't be able to find or respond to your remarks. You can move a post from one location to another.

> If you're posting on the forum please register on the site and use a handle so that people have some idea whether they're in dialogue with the same person or different people on the same issue.

> No abusive behavior. We all know what that is by now.

Talk to you on the forums - Alice

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Was Lubrizol Too Expensive?

The press reports that the Lubrizol acquisition will be made at a very favorable PE ratio of 13. However, this calculation is based on Lubrizol’s 2010 earnings, which were far and away higher than any other year in Lubrizol’s history. If you look at the PE ratio of the purchase price based on 2009 earnings or 2006 or 2005 earnings, the PE ratio is 19 to 48.

Why would Lubrizol’s performance in 2010 be more indicative of its future performance than its performance during 2005-2009?

Question for Alice


Do you believe the two part method of placing a value on Berkshire is valid?

Investments per share (which includes assets accumulated with float)
Plus non-insurance operating earnings times a multiple of 8 or 10

For instance today if Berkshire has $90,000 of investments per A share and $6000 per share of non-insurance operating earnings (x 8)per A share ---- would it be logical to give the company a ball park valuation of $138,000 per A share?

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